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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts

Forthcoming Events

"What can Shaw, Wilde, Churchill, Bush and Pasteur teach us about innovation?"
Professor R P Tooze
Managing Director
Sasol Technology (UK) Ltd
Monday 27th March 2017 [More...]

"Listening to Einstein's Universe: the hunt for gravitational waves"
Professor Martin A Hendry
Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology
University of Glasgow
Monday 24th April 2017 [More...]

Printable Lecture Programme

A complete Programme for the Society's 196th Session is available to download and print.

Showcasing Scotland's Science, Technology and Innovation

The Royal Scottish Society of Arts (R.S.S.A.) was founded in 1821 as 'The Society for the Encouragement of the Useful Arts in Scotland' and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1841. It was concerned with the fields that we would now describe as science, technology, engineering and manufacture, but which were then known as the useful arts, as opposed to the fine arts.

Today the Society aims to showcase Scotland's Science, technology and Innovation, mainly through a monthly lecture programme, excursions, promotion of Honorary Fellows, and the award of medals.

The lecture programme is given by excellent public speakers, who are distinguished in their fields of study, and the topics cover a wide range of scientific and technical issues, all pertinent to the Scotland in which we live today.


The Royal Scottish Society of Arts is Registered Scottish Charity SC015549

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