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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the 182nd Session (2002-2003)

Held in the Wolfson Suite of the Edinburgh University Library, George Square, Edinburgh
on Monday 20th October 2003, at 7 pm


The President, Dr Stuart Monro, opened the meeting in the presence of some 40 Fellows.


Apologies had been received from Dr & Mrs Burtles, Dr & Mrs Geissler and Mr Reekie.

Minutes of Previous AGM

The Minutes of AGM which had been held on 14th Oct 2002 were approved.
Proposed: Jane Ridder-Patrick
Seconded: Graham Rule

President's Report

The President read his report to the Society

The death of Prof Bill Cochran FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy was noted.

Treasurer's Report

The accounts for the year ended 31st December 2002 were tabled.
It was noted that we had suffered a loss because of our holdings with Accounts tabled Cable and Wireless but that the net assets of the Society were still healthy and were expected to look slightly better next year
The accounts were approved
Proposed: Allen Simpson
Seconded: Jane Ridder-Patrick

Election of Office-Bearers

The list of proposed Office-Bearers for the new session which had been circulated was approved by acclamation.
Thanks were expressed by the President for the work done my Mellissa Gilroy who was stepping down from the Council and a warm welcome extended to Diana Brown and Millicent Masters who were joining the Council.


Graham Rule noted that the Society should pay close attention in the coming year to the current review of charity legislation in Scotland.

John Hendery asked about sound amplification for the meeting room. The Secretary apologised for the lack of amplification and agreed to investigate this with the University.

8th Meeting of the 182nd Session

The AGM was closed and visitors asked to join us for Dr Allen Simpson's talk on "The Art and Science of Measurement: Revealing the Units of Scotland's Early Trade"

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Secretary

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