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DRAFT Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the 183rd Session (2003-2004)


The President opened the meeting in the presence of some 30 Fellows.


Neil Campbell, Dr Keith Gilroy, Melissa Gilroy, Diana Brown & John Lowell

President's Report

The President gave his report.

The deaths of these Fellows were noted: Gordon Nicol, William Small, Robin Hill and Donald Miller

Professor Anthony Busuttil will be opening our session for us on 22nd November

Treasurer's Report

Accounts were prepared by Janet Small CA and examined by Moira Roberson CA.

It was noted that the Society's financial year was to 30th September (not 30th Dec as in previous minutes)

Society's finances are healthy.

There has been a poor yield from the banking accounts and we should examine the investment strategy.

Members were alerted to the existence of the Gift Aid Scheme which may generate an extra £2.80 from the Inland Revenue Proposed: Ron Beasley Seconded: Richard Kimberlin

Fellows welcomed the suggestion that the Society should take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme.

Election of Council

A list had been circulated and Fellows were asked for any further nominations. Approved by acclamation.

Frank Prior was not with us. Richard Kimberlin was welcomed to the Council.

Election of Honorary Fellow

Tam Dalziel was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Society by acclamation.


Fellows were reminded of the next excursion on 27th October.

Graham Rule noted that the sound system in the room was now working. There was an additional infra-red system which he could investigate if Fellows needed to be able to use the T setting on their hearing-aids.


The AGM was closed and the President gave us his talk on "Science in Schools, the role of Earth Science"

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Secretary

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