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184th Session of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts (2004-2005)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the 184th Session

MINUTES of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held in the course of the Eighth Meeting of the 184th Session, held on Wednesday 12th October 2005 at 7pm in the Salisbury Suite of Our Dynamic Earth.

The President, Dr Stuart Monro, opened the meeting in the presence of some 50 Fellows.

Apologies were received from Dick Allan, Ronald Beasley, Dr Patrick Brooks, Denis and Joan Leslie, Graham Rule and Miss Adelle Stewart.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 18th October 2004 were circulated and were approved as a correct record of the meeting on the motion of Dr Richard Kimberlin and seconded by Prof Tony Busuttil.

President's Report

The President was delighted that Prof Tony Busuttil has agreed to take over the chain of office at this meeting. He reported that the programme for the 184th Session had been varied and far-reaching, stimulating much lively debate. The Opening lecture was given by Prof Tony Busuttil on "Helping the police with their Enquiries". This was followed by "Obesity" by Dr James Stubbs, then Dr Donald Bruce on the "Ethics of Stem Cell Research". Prof John Zarnecki from the Open University gave the Society one of the first public lectures on the successful Huygens mission to the surface of Titan. The talk by Dr Ewan Hyslop on the decay and repair of sandstone in Edinburgh linked beautifully with the visit to the site of Historic Scotland's conservation work, while the conservation of the rural landscape was addressed by Syd House of the Forestry Commission, and Dr Roger Musson got rid of any complacency that earthquakes couldn't happen here. The excursion program has blossomed thanks to the work of Bob Reekie. The Society's Silver Medal was awarded to Prof Tony Busuttil and Prof John Zarnecki.

Finally the President thanked the Council for all their help and support during the year and the Fellows for making the role of President such an enjoyable one. Sadly he had to record the deaths of two Fellows: Richard (Dick) Sillitoe and A Trevor Clark.

The Treasurer's Report

Accounts were prepared to the year ending 2004. There was little to comment upon; investments were acceptable and annual subscriptions well maintained. With a total income of around £4,000 it was expensive to pay around £500 for an accountant and examiner when a simpler system could be used. The treasurer made a call for someone to act as an examiner. £595, backdated, has been reclaimed from the Inland Revenue via Gift Aid. Aproximately £150 pa could be expected in future years. All funds are now invested with Standard Life and the society's assets are around £80,000. It was suggested that the AGM in future be held at a date matching the financial year end.

The accounts were approved on the motion of Elizabeth Geissler, seconded by Richard Kimberlin and signed off by the president.

Election of Office-Bearers

The Council's recommended list of Council members and Officers was submitted. Professor Anthony Busuttil was proposed as President. This being passed unanimously, Dr Stuart Monro handed over the presidential chain, and the chairmanship of the meeting, to Professor Busuttil.

Professor Stephen Salter was proposed as a Vice-President while Professor Eric Salzen was proposed as a Councillor. It was further proposed that a new Office-Bearer position be created, that of Webmaster and that Graham Rule be elected to that position. The Council's recommendations were approved unanimously.

Other business

There being no other competent business, the AGM was closed and Professor Wilson Sibbett of St Andrews University gave a talk on Lasers, Light and Life.

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Secretary

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