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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
Showcasing Scotland's Science, Technology and Innovation

Alison Morrison-Low receiving Brisbane Medal
Dr Alison Morrison-Low receives the Brisbane Medal of the RSSA from the President following her talk to the Society

183rd Session of the Society

Monday 24th November 2003 - Opening Meeting
Professor Aubrey Manning OBE FRSE
"The Time Line: a Biologist Contemplates Human History"

Monday 8th December 2003
Dr Chris Kalman, Lanarkshire Acute Hospitals Trust & University of Glasgow
"Depleted Uranium: Assessing the Toxic Effect of the West's Battlefield Munitions"

Monday 19th January 2004
Dr Alison Morrison-Low, National Museums of Scotland
"The Soldier-Astronomer: Thomas Makdougall Brisbane's scientific work"

Monday 23rd February
Presidential Address: Dr Stuart Monro
"Dynamic Earth: a resource for the future"

Saturday 3rd April
The RSSA Annual Science Festival Lecture &
Opening Event of the Edinburgh International Science Festival
Professor Steven Rose, Open University
"The Decade of the Mind"

Monday 3rd May
Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton, FRS , University of Cambridge
"The Geological Time Scale in Relation to Rapid Climatic Change"

Monday 24th May
Dr Alison Blackwell, University of Edinburgh
"Surviving the Scottish Biting Midge"

Monday 18th October
Dr Stuart Monro, President
"Science in Schools, the role of Earth Science"

Earlier Sessions

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