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Patron: Her Majesty the Queen


The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
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Message of condolence

The following message was sent on behalf of the Society to Her Majesty the Queen by the President of the Society.

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace

Your Majesty

On behalf of the Council and Fellows of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, I write to express our heartfelt condolences on the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

She graciously consented to become Joint Patron of the Society with His Highness King George VI in 1938 and continued in that capacity when Your Majesty agreed to become Patron in 1953. We have been very conscious of the honour that her continuing Patronage has bestowed on the Society's work in promoting the public understanding of the 'useful arts' of science and technology, and her kindly interest will be greatly missed.

We were pleased to have been present at the National Tribute celebrations on Horse Guards Parade for Her Majesty's one-hundredth birthday, together with all the other organisations in which she took such an active concern. Her Majesty's clear enjoyment at that occasion has provided all of us with a fond and enduring memory.

For and on behalf of Your Majesty's loyal subjects

Dr A D C Simpson,

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