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194th Session (2015-2016) Excursions

Visit to the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

Dr Luke Bisby
Senior Research Fellow in Structures and Fire
The University of Edinburgh

The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering
William Rankine Building
Kings Buildings

On Wednesday 13th May 2015, at 5:30pm

The University of Edinburgh has been a globally important institution in the field of Fire Safety Engineering for over four decades. Many of those who are now leaders in the field came to Edinburgh to study and research under the supervision of the late Prof David Rasbash, one of the main pioneers of the discipline, Prof Dougal Drysdale, author of the definitive textbook on the subject, 'Introduction to Fire Dynamics' (Wiley, 3rd edition 2011) and Prof Jose Torero, who was, until recently, the BRE/RAE Chair in Fire Safety Engineering. Teaching and research in fire safety continues at Edinburgh under the leadership of Profs Luke Bisby (joined 2008) and Albert Simeoni (joined 2013).

The visit will consist of a brief presentation which will outline the scope and areas of research undertaken within the BRE Centre. This will be followed by a tour of the Rushbrook Fire Laboratories, including demonstrations of: (1) the flashover box, (2) the fire tornado, and (3) the heat-transfer rate inducing system.

Tea and coffee will be available upon arrival.

Dr Jane Ridder-Patrick, Secretary
Telephone: 0131 556 2161

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