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194th Session (2015-2016) Excursions

Visit to the British Geological Survey

Robert Gatliff
Director Energy & Marine Geoscience
Hugh Barron
Geology and Landscape, Scotland
Keith Westhead
Marine and Coastal Geosciences

Murchison House,
West Mains Road,
On Monday 22nd June 2015, at 6pm

Robert Gatliff will give a brief introduction to the British Geological Survey and talk about the scope of recent research and plans for the future. BGS research has high impact and work on groundwater flooding, shale gas resources, chaos caused by volcanic eruptions and disasters like the Japanese tsunami keep BGS in the news. Hugh Barron will demonstrate how BGS uses digital aerial photography and terrain models to assist with geological and geomorphological mapping, and an introduction to subsurface 3D modelling. Keith Westhead will show how we use merged bathymetric and Lidar datasets to create seamless elevation surfaces across the coastline, and how we use these to carry out virtual mapping of bedrock geology and coastal slope/cliff hazards using new computer mapping and 3D visualisation software (GeoVisionary and BGS SIGMA) He will also show some data from Laserscans of cliff sections, including from around Lulworth Cove, Dorset.

There will be an opportunity for a tour round the building.

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