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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
Showcasing Scotland's Science, Technology and Innovation

Meetings of 180th Session (2000-2001)

Opening Lecture of 180th Session - Monday 27th November 2000
Anthony Sale, Hon FBCS
"ULTRA SECRET" Enigma and Colossus: World War II Code Breaking and the Birth of the Electronic Computer

Monday 11th December 2000
John Crompton
A Crisis for the Future of Scotland's Industrial Museums?

Monday 15th January 2001
Dr Murray Campbell
Adventures with an Artificial Mouth:
Recent Research on the Physics of Musical Wind Instruments

Monday 12th February 2001
Robin Harper MSP

Monday 5th March 2001
Dr Charles Swainson
21st Century Health Care: Rebuilding The Royal Infirmary

The RSSA Annual Science Festival Lecture:
Friday 6th April 2001
Professor Heinz Wolff (Brunel University)
A Little Knowledge is a Good Thing, a Little Judgement is Even Better

AGM for 180th Session - Monday 8th October 2001
Shelley Jofre - Panorama, BBC-TV
Finger of Suspicion: Fingerprint Forensic Evidence under the Microscope

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