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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
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Meetings of 182nd Session (2002-2003)

Tam Dalyell & Stuart Monro Tam Dalyell & Stuart Monro

11th November 2002
Tam Dalyell, MP
"Iraq and the Implications of 21st Century Warfare"

16th December 2002
Prof Robin Churchill, Professor of Law, Cardiff Law School
"The Law Offshore"

Monday 20th January 2003
Dr Jane Wilford
Consultant Occupational Physician, NHS Lanarkshire, and
Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at the Dept. of Community Based Sciences,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow.

Monday 17th February 2003
Prof Alasdair D. McIntyre
Dept of Zoology, University of Aberdeen
"The Future of Sea Fisheries"

Monday 10th March 2003
Prof John Twidell
"Wind Power Technology and Ecology - the long view"

The RSSA Annual Science Festival Lecture: Friday 11th April 2003
Professor Vicki Bruce
Vice-Principal, The University of Edinburgh
"Face and Identity"

Monday 19th May 2003
Dr Duncan Steel
"Project Spaceguard: Saving Mankind from Going the Way of the Dinosaurs"

Monday 20th October 2003
Annual General Meeting followed by
Dr Allen Simpson, Former President, Royal Scottish Society of Arts
"The Art and Science of Measurement: Revealing the Units of Scotland's Early Trade"

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