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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
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186th Session of the Society

Monday Monday 16th October 2006
Prof Hugh Pennington
Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology, University of Aberdeen
"Avian Flu: Are We All Doomed?"

Monday 20th November 2006
Dr George Hunter
Radioactive Substances Policy Unit Manager, Scottish Environment Protection Agency
"Fast Breeder Reactors and the Environment"

Monday 4th December 2006
Prof James Barbour
NHS Lothian Chief Executive
"The Cost of Ill-Health"

Monday 15th January 2007
Prof Nick Hastie
Director of the Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit
"Genetics - The New Fortune Telling?"

Monday 19th February 2007
Prof Cairns Aitken
Emeritus Professor of Rehabilitation Studies, University of Edinburgh
"Digital Photography - Pleasures and Pains of a New Art"

Monday 19th March 2007
Prof David Webb
Professor of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh
"Getting Value for Money from New Medicines"

Monday 30th April 2007
Prof Aubrey Manning
Emeritus Professor of Natural History, University of Edinburgh
"Population Control: Policies which dare not speak their name"

Monday 4th June 2007
Annual General Meeting at 7pm
followed by a lecture by
Dr Allen Simpson
RSSA past president, formerly of the National Museums of Scotland
"Sir David Brewster and the Early Days of the RSSA"

The Society's 186th session is now finished and the Council are planning the 187th session which will start in the autumn. Our website is updated as details become available and Fellows will receive the usual notification before each meeting. Would Fellows who wish to switch to receiving email, rather than printed, notices (or vice versa) please inform the Secretary.

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