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187th Session of the Society

Monday 15th October 2007
Brigadier Ian Gardiner
"Some Realities of War"

Monday 19th November 2007
Professor Arnold Maran
"The Singing Voice"
This meeting was cancelled due to power failure in the lecture room - Prof Maran give his talk at a later date.

Monday 3rd December 2007
Professor Charles McKean
Dundee University
"Railways Wars and unnecessary bridge construction"

Monday 14th January 2008
Dr Frank Prior
"How to be a Medical Inventor"

Monday 4th February 2008
Professor Eric Salzen
"The Faces of Emotion: The What? and the Why?"

Monday 24th March 2008
Dr Alison Sheridan
"New insights into Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Scotland"

Monday 21st April 2008
Professor Stephen Salter
Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design, University of Edinburgh
"Reversing Global Warming by Increasing Cloud Albedo"

Monday 5th May 2008
Dr John Davies
UK Astronomy Technology Centre
"Runaway Rockets and other space exploration disasters"

Monday 14th July 2008
Annual General Meeting at 7pm
followed by a lecture by
Professor Stuart Monro
RSSA past president, Scientific Director, Our Dynamic Earth
"A Himalayan Adventure and a bit of Iceland!"

The Society's 188th session will start in the autumn. Our website is updated as details become available and Fellows will receive the usual notification before each meeting. Would Fellows who wish to switch to receiving email, rather than printed, notices (or vice versa) please inform the Secretary.

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