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The Royal Scottish Society of Arts
Showcasing Scotland's Science, Technology and Innovation

189th Session of the Society

Monday 19th October 2009
Prof David Atkinson
Scottish Agricultural College
"Are GM Crops the Solution to our Current Food Security Problems?"

Monday 9th November 2009
Peter Jamieson
Garrad Hassan & Partners Ltd
"The Evolution of Modern Wind Technology"

Monday 14th December 2009
Dr Richard Luxmoore
Senior Nature Conservation Adviser, National Trust for Scotland
"Climate change in Scotland's seas"

Monday 18th January 2010
Professor Alistair Lawrence
Sustainable Livestock Systems, Scottish Agricultural College
"Animal Welfare: Modern Insights on an Old Issue"

Monday 15th February 2010
Dr Ian Hudson
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Sellafield
"The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: A strange case of not only doing 'what it says on the tin'?"

Monday 22nd March 2010
Rear Admiral Martin Alabaster
Royal Navy
"The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Naval Operations"

Monday 24th May 2010
Tristan Smith
Naval architect
"Disasters at sea: what have we learnt since the Titanic, and what we may have forgotten"

Monday 5th July 2010
Annual General Meeting at 7pm
followed by a lecture by
Dr Richard Philip
RSSA Fellow and former Councillor
"The Life of a Tropical Vet"

The Society's 190th session will start in the autumn 2010. Some preliminary details are available. Our website is updated as details become available and Fellows will receive the usual notification before each meeting. Would Fellows who wish to switch to receiving email, rather than printed, notices (or vice versa) please inform the Secretary.

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